Ask and you shall receive...

What is required to book my appointment?
100% of your session fee required to secure your appointment.

Are outfit changes allowed during my session?
Yes although I recommend no more than 2 or 3 for an hour session

MUA or no MUA?
I ALWAYS recommend getting a makeup artist for professional shots it just gives you the extra glow in your photos!

What is the best time to book my session?
Definitely early morning or around sunset to get that soft beautiful light!

What is the turnover time for viewing of my photos?
No more than five business days.

How do I view my photos ?
You will receive an email soon after your session, with the password to your client portal to view your photos and select your favorites!

How long do I have to download my photos?
Your photos will stay on the client portal for two weeks, after that they will be archived.

What kind of editing is done to my photos?
Traditional color or black and white edits. Also toning, clearing up blemishes, and color correction.
I do not do extreme editing like glamour shots as I like to photograph as you are naturally!

I noticed that you do a color pop photos, can I have that done also?
For small additional fee I can do that as many photos as you like! ;)

Can I receive the raw (unedited) images of my photos?
No, I do not send clients raw images as that is not a proper representation of my work as a photographer.

Do you offer studio sessions?
Yes I do! However there is an additional fee to book a studio!

Do you offer Canvas/Prints?
Yes I do! Let me know and I will send you my price sheet!

I do not live in the Tampa area, can I still book you??
Yes, I love to travel! There is a travel fee that varies depending on your location. The session must be a minimum of one hour!

Do you offer a referral incentive?
Yes! If you refer me a new client you will receive 10% off your next session!

I hope this helps! If there’s anything I missed that you have questions about feel free to contact me!

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